Why DeGroot?

Our Story

DeGroot’s start in the transportation market began as a vegetable grower-shipper based in central IL. For over 50 years, the DeGroot family has grown and shipped vegetable commodities across the United States. From this unique vantage point, we’ve learned the lessons, experienced the pain points, and honed our processes to provide transportation services.

We know just how difficult it is to ship produce effectively, and we were not satisfied with the level of service that was currently available in the market, so we founded DeGroot Logistics.

By choosing DeGroot Logistics, you’re working with a company grown from the ground up to meet your needs with the highest level of service to the refrigerated transportation market.

The DeGroot Difference


We understand the logistics of transporting produce commodities due to our experience operating DeGroot’s Vegetable Farms.

24/7 Service

Produce and Transportation markets don't slow down and neither do we. 


Our team is thoroughly trained in shipping fresh fruit and vegetable commodities, which tend to have more transportation issues for a number of reasons.

We value


We value


We value